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Golden Gaytime Lamingtons

Like ‘Glee’, I am a sucker for a mashup however my singing voice is mediocre at best so I tend to just stick to mashing desserts together instead, like these two classic Australian treats – Lamingtons & Golden Gaytimes. When combined these two make a vanilla sponge dipped in chocolate ganache then rolled in homemade malt… Continue reading Golden Gaytime Lamingtons

Easy · Ice cream · Purple · Summer

Blueberry & Coconut Ice cream

We are smack bang in the middle of summer here in Australia and we’ve had some scorchers (hot days) so if you’re anything like me you’ve been constantly thinking about shoving an ice cream in your steamy little red face. Actually, I dream about ice-cream even in winter so what better way to kick off my first blog… Continue reading Blueberry & Coconut Ice cream